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Vamonos: Learning The Spanish Language To Appreciate Other Cultures

Ms. Lopez -

Ascension Lutheran School's Spanish curriculum is committed to preparing students to be able to communicate using the Spanish language, and to continue their Spanish language experience successfully in middle and high school. Additionally, through the study of the Spanish language and culture, students will increase their global awareness and develop an appreciation for the cultures and contributions of others.

Grades K-2

Students in grades K–2 learn basic vocabulary and expressions through songs, books, games, and oral activities. Students have the opportunity to hear and speak Spanish as they learn through units including greetings, calendar, family, classroom, colors, foods, animals, and more.

Grades 3 and 4

In the 3rd and 4th grades students are able to greet and respond to greetings, introduce and respond to introductions, express likes/dislikes, make requests, provide information, obtain information, and express needs at a basic level in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Grade 5 

Students are introduced to a foundational textbook at an entry level, allowing them to further develop the skills they have acquired. The curriculum is strategically crafted to seamlessly connect with their existing knowledge while introducing more advanced concepts. Engaging activities such as Spanish games and basic conversational interactions with classmates are incorporated, transforming the learning experience into not just an educational endeavor but also a fun and enjoyable one. 

Grades 6-8

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students embark on their Spanish language journey with the introduction to Spanish 1, a fundamental component of the high school curriculum. To enrich their learning experience, students will utilize textbooks, workbooks, and a diverse array of online resources, including audio files and interactive activities. Within the classroom setting, they will actively participate in conversational interactions with their peers, creating a dynamic and enjoyable environment that fosters the development of a robust foundation in the Spanish language. At Ascension this is a three-year course covering the beginning units of the high school curriculum and incorporating vocabulary and grammar relating to the students’ lives. Students will develop an appreciation for the contributions, cultures, and customs of the Spanish-speaking world.

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