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Families and Students  love Ascension Lutheran School

"We are so grateful to be a part of Ascension Lutheran School. Every staff member from the Principal to the teachers' aides has a vested interest to ensure that each and every student thrives here. We are so impressed with the quality of the education and love the fact that teachers work closely together to provide a cohesive, integrated curriculum.


Education here focuses not only on important core subjects but also state of the art classes in outdoor exploration and conservation, Spanish, music, and physical education among others. I love the sense of community we find at Ascension - families not only take care of each other but also play an important part of taking care of vulnerable members of our larger community. We love Ascension Lutheran School!"

– Judy, 2nd grade parent

"We moved our kids to Ascension Lutheran School mid-year during the fall of 2020 from a local public school and it was the BEST decision we have made for our family.  The teachers and staff made it so easy for our kids to transition and they have been nothing short of amazing! The staff know every child on campus and you can tell how much they value and care for each student & family.


Our kids wake up every day excited to go to school. They LOVE the outdoor program, which I think makes the school extra special! We are so grateful to have our kids in a loving, nurturing and academic environment. Their confidence has grown and they are thriving at Ascension Lutheran School. We definitely found the best school for our children!"  

– Jon, 1st and 3rd grade parent

"This school brings up strong confident children. My daughter is always excited to go to school and looks forward to what is in store for the day. The teachers are so caring and really watch your children and help them all become strong confident faithful children."

– Jillian, 4th grade parent

"Ascension Lutheran School checked all our boxes for the right school for our son: academically sound, caring teachers and staff, safe environment, and spiritually enriching.


I appreciate the academic education my son has received, and it's the spiritual cultivation I really value. I know he's learning what it means to be a conscious, caring, informed, involved, and loving young person.


Ascension is all about community. It's heartwarming to see how the children interact, particularly the higher grades with the lower grades. Teachers seem to be aware of every child on the campus, and the involvement of many of the parents fosters the feeling that Ascension Lutheran School is not just a place for children, but rather for families."

– Jack, 5th grade parent

"I attended Ascension for 3 years, and I had an unforgettable experience. I grew in my faith, made life-lasting relationships, and received an education that prepared me for what was next. My experience there will forever be one that I treasure."

– Kaylee, Class of 2019

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