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Hi, Everyone. My name is Charlotte Miranda, and I teach Outdoor Classroom. I am originally from Denmark but moved to the US in 2001.  I love animaIs, and anything to do with nature. I originally set out to become a veterinarian, but ended up studying biology at the University of Copenhagen where I obtained a BSc in General Biology. I then moved to Scotland where I got a BSc in Animal Biology at the University of St. Andrews, followed by a PhD in Animal Physiology at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.  I have worked both in academia and the biotech industry, published several research papers in scientific journals, and I have instructed several college classes in animal physiology, cell biology, and histology. This is my second year of working with elementary school students, and it has been a blast. I hope that by being a teacher at Ascension I can help inspire a love and wonder of all things nature and science, as well as help grow curious minds that don’t stop asking questions.


Contact me at

What's growing on in our classroom:


​This week we concluded our unit on Channel Island foxes. We had lots of fun building our own paper cup foxes.

The older grades finished creating their own replica of the bio web on Santa Cruz Island where the Island Fox is a Keystone species.


Hiking with your family is a great way to experience nature. For trail maps and information about our local open space and hiking routes, we highly suggest going to Conejo Open Space Foundation



Being a nature-themed school helps us expand and deepen what students learn as we follow NGSS - Next Generation Science Standards.


We use a wide array of curriculum to meet student needs, including resources from the following:

  • Kids Gardening Network

  • Nature Explore

  • Nature Watch

  • Life Lab

  • California Ag

  • California Academy of Science

I have a class wish list with books and other supplies to enrich our outdoor classroom. We greatly appreciate your donations!

Additional ways to donate to our Outdoor Classroom:
We always welcome gift cards to Armstrong Gardens, Home Depot, DIY, Ace, or Lowe's


All those places where we can get soil, plants, seeds, gardening tools and resources! Thank you!!!

Help us feed the birds!


We have been participating in Project Feeder Watch through the Cornell School of Ornithology. We have specific bird seed that you can purchase for us from Wild Birds Unlimited in Thousand Oaks, next door to Whole Foods. Go in and tell them you are from Ascension Lutheran School; they know what we have purchased in the past. We seem to always need Nyjer and Supreme Blend. We get a discount and earn store credit. You can drop off the bird seed at the Nature Lab. Thank you!!!

Got Flower Pots?


We take donations of plastic, clay, ceramic, and glass flower pots - from the 4-inch plastic pots used for transplanting tomatoes to large pretty pots. Thank you!

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