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7th Grade Service Academy

Ascension Lutheran School 7th Grade Service Academy

Our 7th Grade students will build on the principles that they learned about servant leadership, with a stronger focus on service to their community.


At our 7th Grade Service Academy, we go beyond conventional academic learning. Our primary goal is to nurture a spirit of altruism and create leaders who actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact in the world around them. Through a well-crafted curriculum, we emphasize both academic excellence and civic engagement, ensuring your child develops into a well-rounded individual. Service Academy students will participate in 6-8 character building field trips to go and visit local non-profits and service organizations

Sample Field Trip

Students visit James Storehouse in Newbury Park, CA and learn how James Storehouse provides practical support to families in the foster care system. Students then spend time the next day processing the lessons they've learned in their service journals and discussing lessons to be applied to their own lives in class.


The 6th Grade Leadership Academy features academics that exceed grade level and includes Makerspace, Outdoor Classroom, Music, Spanish, and PE.


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