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6th Grade Leadership Academy


Our 6th Grade students will journey with our stellar faculty into an exploration of what it means to be a servant leader. With monthly field trips planned throughout the year, students will be challenged to analyze who inspires them, and to study myriad forms of leadership. As they learn from the gifted leaders they will be meeting, each student will be given a leadership journal in which they will begin to map out what kind of leader they are called to become.

While we strive to develop young leaders of character who will navigate the challenges of 7th grade and beyond with faith, honor, and a strong sense of their own worth, we are also committed to academic excellence with an emphasis on:

  • Cross-curricular: Field trips and projects will lead to learning in multiple disciplines as real-world issues stimulate the need for students to gain knowledge in specific fields of inquiry.

  • Project-based: Students will be given an objective or a problem to solve and then they will need to seek the tools, team, and resources to complete the project.

  • Academically rigorous, engaging, and fun: As students learn from community leaders and intriguing field trips, they will be challenged to document what they’ve learned with excellence and with an eye toward becoming a great thinker, writer, and life-long learner. Students will have the opportunity to hold offices of president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer on Student Council. 

A Servant Leader

Relate to others in a spirit of humility

Know what is good, true, and honorable.

Lead a team to accomplish specific goals.

Recognize and serve our neighbors who are in need.

Resist peer pressure by being anchored in Christlike character.

Stand for what is right with courage and integrity, even in the face of adversity.

Respect people of different opinions/beliefs, while develop and advocate for own convictions.

"quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.”  - James 1: 19

English Language Arts

Our sixth graders work towards becoming resilient readers who read for school as well as pleasure. ELA instruction incorporates classic and contemporary literature and non-fiction, informative works to teach techniques and strategies for more advanced reading comprehension and analysis. 6th-grade writing focuses on organizing ideas and reasoning into paragraphs that support the theme or purpose of the piece. Editing and proofreading and using and citing reference sources are emphasized.


Mathematics in sixth grade involves operations with whole numbers, integers, fractions and decimals; numerical expressions, algebraic expressions and equations, coordinate plane, graphing data; problem solving and algebraic thinking; continuing to develop and practice endurance and persistence; the use of technology such as calculators and laptops to help solve problems; and taking notes in math journals.


Sixth grade students dive into the history of ancient civilizations including Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and the Persian Empire. Students learn to take detailed notes on every unit and work on a variety of projects paired with each chapter throughout the year.  


Our science curriculum uses hands-on investigations, vocab-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to inspire students to think, read, write, and argue in the science and engineering world. Sixth grade students work through an increased number of science units studying microbiomes, metabolism, the role of genes in traits and reproduction, energy, oceans and atmosphere, weather events, and changing climate.

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