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Welcome to kindergarten! My name is Mrs. Bordokas. I’m so happy to be your kindergarten teacher for the new school year. This will be my 13th year of teaching at Ascension. I taught at our ECC for 6 of those years. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Urban Education and teaching credential from California State University, Los Angeles.

My husband, Nick, and I have been married for 15 years. We have two daughters, Samantha (15) and Alexandra (13) who both attended Ascension preschool through 6th grade. We love to spend time going to sporting events,  having family game nights, camping, and spending time at Disneyland. 


Contact me at


We are using Class Dojo this year! I am so excited to be able to send pictures and updates about our class through Class Dojo. I highly recommend downloading the app on your phone, it’s the easiest way to stay connected. 



Share Time is a very important and fun part of our day and helps develop important language skills. Each child will have a chance to share on his/her share day each week. A schedule will be sent home. Please help your child prepare for his/her share day the night before. Of course sometimes things happen and we forget, but share time is very important to children at this age, and they are often very upset if they have nothing to share, so please prepare ahead of time as much as possible. What your child will be asked to share will vary. Sometimes they will be asked to bring in an item relating to a concept we are learning, and sometimes we will have “free sharing”. On “free sharing” days your child may bring in an item of their choice, but please no toys of any kind (stuffed animals are the exception). Our “Superstar” of the week will have a special share time during their special week, and will be allowed to bring in toys of any kind. Each child will have a turn to be our Superstar; more information will follow when it is your child’s turn for their special week. Thank you for helping to make your child’s share days successful!


Birthdays are a very important time in your child’s life! We will plan to celebrate here at school on your child’s birthday (or the closest day if it falls on a weekend or a holiday). If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate during the last few weeks of the school year or around their half birthday.  You may want to send in a special snack for the occasion, which will be served during our first outside recess time. This is optional. In addition, if you are having a party, please use the mail to send invitations, unless everyone is invited. Thank you!


I highly encourage the class to enjoy reading at home each day with an adult. Reading at home will mainly consist of you reading to your child with books from home, from the library, etc.  And if they are developmentally ready, they will want to read to you!  Later in the year, reading baggies from school will be sent home every night each week, with leveled books appropriate for your child.  Please take time to read these books with your child if you can.  Most children start off by memorizing books, but before you know it, they will be pointing out words! 


Lastly, I will list suggested “Home Activities” from time to time in “The Kindergarten Press”newsletter of fun learning activities that can support the learning of skills introduced at home. Occasionally we will assign a fun project for home that we would like all of the children to complete.

I have a class wish list with books and other supplies to enrich our classroom. We greatly appreciate your donations!

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