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Faculty & Staff



Rich Gregory Principal
Connie Angress Admissions Director and Office Manager
Sara Wallace Communications
Staci Hammerschmitt Director of Curriculum and Student Success



Elizabeth Bonilla Transitional Kindergarten
Mary Bordokas Kindergarten, Lead Teacher
Stephanie Pagano 1st Grade
Ashley Babich 1st Grade
Corinne Angress 2nd Grade
Kendra Saunders 3rd Grade
Heather Hartson 4th Grade, 4-6 ELA
Jennifer Farrell 5th Grade, 5-6 Math, Lead Teacher
Spencer Gottmer 6th Grade, 4-6 Science, 3-6 PE, Athletic Director
Pastor Chamie Delkeskamp Religious Studies, Garden & Nature Lab
Charlotte Miranda Garden & Nature Lab
Kelsey Packman Music & TK-1 PE
Carolina Lopez Spanish & Instructional Assistant
Camille Harrington MakerSpace
Erin Borchard Instructional Assistant


aux staff

Zach Martino Extended Care Supervisor
Tina Mohler Extended Care
Ryan Weber Extended Care
Charlotte Miranda Extended Care
Aidan Delkeskamp Extended Care, 2nd Grade PE
Carolina Lopez Extended Care
Jordyn Parra Extended Care




Jenni McCoy Director
Brittani Childers Assistant Director
Karyn Ring Front Desk
Liz Hoskinson Program Support
Karen Martinez Program Support
Josie Zapata Program Support
Greta Weinstein Program Support



Grace Ma Caterpillars 1 (Young Infants)
Ariana Stevenson Caterpillars 1 (Young Infants)
Lauren Gunson Caterpillars 1 (Young Infants)
Shelby Hormell Caterpillars 2 (Older Infants)
Amanda Munoz Caterpillars 2 (Older Infants)
Jessica Bunting Caterpillars 2 (Older Infants)
Stacey Andrews Butterflies (Toddlers)
Nicole Lewis Butterflies (Toddlers)
Lauri D'Alonzo Butterflies (Toddlers)
Nicole Ruzovic

Honeybees (Young Twos)

Stephany Villagran Alfaro

Honeybees (Young Twos)

Jessica Placas Ladybugs (Older Twos)
Esperanza Cortez Ladybugs (Older Twos)
Arely Kendall Bumblebees (Young Threes)
Lyn Derla Bumblebees (Young Threes)
Christina Alfaro Hummingbirds (Older Threes)
Jen Ledesma Hummingbirds (Older Threes)
DeAnna Means Dragonflies (Young Fours)
Jesica Peters Dragonflies (Young Fours)
Kayla Fromberg Fireflies (Middle Fours)
Nasha Sobieski Fireflies (Middle Fours)
Elizabeth VanMourik
Praying Mantises (Older Fours)
Tanya Mathews Praying Mantises (Older Fours)