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We are delighted you are considering Ascension Lutheran Elementary School. We continue to accept applications throughout the school year.


For more information about spaces available contact:


Connie Angress

Admissions Manager

[email protected]

(805) 496-2419


If you have not already done so, we invite you to schedule a campus tour.


“My family has been a part of the Ascension school community for 12 years. The inclusive and loving atmosphere has allowed my children and family to thrive in ways I could never expect. Their teachers inspired them to rise to their best by teaching with love and compassion. They are well prepared academically, spiritually, and emotionally for life beyond this amazing school. They are confident in their abilities and rooted in their faith. Sending our kids to this school was the best decision we ever made!”

-- Caroline, Parent

"We have been a part of the Ascension family since 2017.  It has felt very amazing to be a part of this close community, especially during the trying times of 2020.  The Ascension Advantage was in part showcased during the pandemic, which was so incredibly important to all of our children, but this is not where it begins; nor ends.  Through all this turbulence, they have been able to shift their learning philosophy to a 21st century learning model in which our children are really flourishing.  Being a certified nature explore classroom, the outdoor classroom and teaching garden are a very special part of Ascension.  This is one of my daughter’s favorite features of the school. Ascension’s continued effort to grow, learn and develop as a school is exactly what I want for my child as a human being.  We feel very blessed to be at Ascension Lutheran School."

--Sean, 2nd grade parent

"The care and quality of the teachers and staff are extraordinary! My son thrived not only academically, but personally and socially in so many ways that we never anticipated! Their energy and commitment is to not only develop my son into being a good student, but also into being a good person. We are so thankful for the Ascension community and could not imagine him attending anywhere else, and now we look forward to my daughter attending next year as well!”

--Traci, 4’s preschool and 2nd grade parent