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Outdoor Classroom

Nature Explore Certified School

Certified Nature Explore ClassroomAscension Lutheran School has earned national recognition as a Certified Nature Explore Classroom from the Nature Explore program, a division of the nonprofit Dimensions Educational Research Foundation. The Elementary School has proudly held this distinction since 2019.

Outdoor Classroom

The Nature Explore Certified Outdoor Classroom at Ascension Lutheran School is an integral part of our education community. The Outdoor Classroom on our campus is a collection of tailored spaces for exploration and discovery including: a building and imagination area, outdoor art studio, music and theatrical stage, nature center classroom, and garden spaces. 

Outdoor ClassroomA unique outdoor curriculum created by our faculty intersects with core classroom subjects. Our studies focus on science and the social sciences, and we weave in art, math, and language arts. Students engage in practices that scientists and engineers use such as regularly completing naturalist studies to learn about the local species around them, patterns that occur in nature, and the geology of our area. 

It is also an important part of our faith life since we see our Creator God alive in the garden. Students gain both respect for and the knowledge to care for our natural resources. Beyond facilitating learning outside, the Outdoor Classroom invites children to spend time with nature and gives them a chance to breathe and relax.

HabitatNational Wildlife Federation
Certified Schoolyard Habitat

We are excited to announce that in Spring 2021, Ascension Lutheran School was recognized as a Certified Schoolyard Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Our 6th Grade Class of 2021 led the initiative to apply for this distinction. Our spacious campus grounds have officially been recognized as a habitat that provides animals food, water, cover, and places to raise young and also serves as a teaching tool in our outdoor education programming.