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PE & Athletics

Ascension Students in Motion


Grades TK-4: Skills and Sportsmanship

Students in the lower grades at Ascension Lutheran School look forward to physical education class held twice a week. We are blessed to have both a large campus with great outdoor spaces and an indoor gymnasium in Pederson Hall for year-round physical activities and sports.
Our youngest students work on basic locomotor skills that prepare them for sports later on and strive to earn their "Locomotor License". We play fun games with funny names like Grumpy Grandpa, Sleeping Giant, Banana Tag, and Waspital and progress towards more complex games like Capture the Flag and the introduction of sports.


PEGrades 5-8: Fitness and Teamwork

PE in our upper grades focuses on both overall fitness and sports-specific units that are taught in each of our trimesters. Fall is dedicated to volleyball and flag football, winter to basketball, and spring to soccer. Students work on essential skills for each sport, learn the rules of the game, and engage in friendly scrimmages. Our year concludes with an end-of-year fitness test.
At all grade levels, physical education at Ascension encourages cooperation through teamwork and teaches sportsmanship like learning how to lose graciously and how to work out conflict. For information about our extracurricular Athletics program, click the button below.