Grades TK-7 » Kindergarten


KindergartenIn Kindergarten, our goal at Ascension Lutheran Elementary School is to help each child discover the magic of learning. Together we find out about the world around us by working collaboratively as well as independently and engaging our minds, hands, and creativity! Our Kindergarten students enjoy a full and rich day from 8:30 AM-3:00 PM. They are busy engaging in hands-on learning in both standard academic subjects as well as in our Specialty Programs. Entering Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1.

Highlights of the Grade-Year

  • Kindergarteners look forward to being matched with a Chapel Buddy from one of the upper grades 
  • The TK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade play is an exciting production to practice for and put on the show!
  • Students in kindergarten celebrate special milestones like the 100th Day of School, Thanksgiving Feast, and Teddy Bear Week

Key Learning Objectives

English Language Arts

In Kindergarten students are encouraged to select "just right books" that interest them, and along with our phonics program, they step into reading. Kindergarteners begin to learn how to write and publish their first books in the genres of personal narrative, informative how-to, and persuasive writing.


In Kindergarten math, students learn number sense, to represent, count, and write numbers up to 20. Addition and subtraction is introduced along with 2D and 3D shapes, concepts of measurement, and classifying and sorting data.

Social Studies

In social studies the focus and theme for the Kindergarten year is on "my world near and far". Students learn about members of our community, what are rules, how we learn and work together, and an introduction to our government.


Our hands-on, investigative science curriculum takes students on scientific, problem-solving adventures beginning in Kindergarten. They are introduced to the concepts of forces (pushes, and pulls), sunlight and weather, and the needs of plant and animals.