Grades TK-6 » 4th Grade

4th Grade

4th GradeFourth grade is a year of tremendous growth as students prepare for their scholastic future by becoming more organized, responsible, and independent while learning to work collaboratively on group projects. The 4th-grade curriculum extends beyond the academic, weaving in artistic projects, music, and faith to create a year of enriched learning experiences.

Highlights of the Grade-Year

  • The 4th-grade “Gold Dust or Bust” production reinforces our California history curriculum and ties in music and performance arts skills
  • Students learn about the California missions and display their hand-crafted, mission projects during the spring Open House for all visitors to enjoy
  • The Sacramento field trip is the yearly highlight of the 4th grade experience

Key Learning Objectives

English Language Arts

In 4th-grade the focus in reading shifts to comprehension and application of reading skills. Vocabulary is emphasized through core literature books and often artistic projects are incorporated to enhance literature studies. Our writing curriculum encourages students to develop their own voice and personal style. Students look forward to writing an extended, informational piece about a California mission.


Students in fourth grade learn more complex logic and reasoning with emphasis on addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, graphs, data, problem-solving, fractions, probability, and geometry.


California history and geography is the focus in 4th grade. Students learn about the California missions and Spanish rule and hand-craft a model of one of the 21 historic missions. In geography, students study the different regions in the state.


Fourth graders master new science concepts through hands-on explorations in our phenomenon-based science curriculum. Units include energy conversion, principles of light, Earth science, and principles of sound. Critical analysis and application of learned concepts are extended beyond the classroom in our Makerspace and Outdoor Classroom.