Grades TK-6 » 2nd Grade

2nd Grade

2nd GradeSecond grade is a warm environment for growth and discovery, gaining knowledge, making mistakes and learning from them. Students in 2nd grade learn that God made each of us different and special in our own way and each of us can contribute to the community. The 2nd-grade class has lots of fun together singing songs, acting out skits, writing informational books, building mathematical models, or conducting science experiments!

Highlights of the Grade-Year

  • Students go on a reading adventure as they dive into important literature. Together as a class we read texts like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Magic Tree House's Dinosaurs Before Dark
  • We do book reports the modern way! Students perform skits, make posters, and organize digital Jamboards to show what they learned
  • Second graders polish printing skills and begin to learn cursive! They love crafting fun narratives and researching favorite topics for Writers’ Workshop
  • In 2nd grade, students learn all about people who have made a difference like Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Key Learning Objectives

English Language Arts

Reading fluency and comprehension skills are strengthened by reading fiction and nonfiction in groups and individually. Phonics focuses on mastering long and short vowels, consonant clusters, digraphs, and diphthongs, and students master weekly word lists to improve their spelling. Writing focuses on complete sentence structure, paragraphs, personal narratives, informational and persuasive pieces, as well as the study of grammar concepts including nouns, verbs, and adjectives. 2nd-graders polish printing and are introduced to cursive writing.


In math second grade students work through solving two and three-digit addition and subtraction problems with regrouping. Data and graph types, money and time, measurement, simple fractions, and geometric properties of 2D and 3D shapes are taught in an engaging program that incorporates manipulatives and real-world problems.

Social Studies

Social studies in second grade focuses on being responsible and a good citizen, introduces early American history, works with maps and geography, and features people in history who have made a difference. Students are introduced to laws, the organization of the US government, and economic principles.


Second graders explore plant and animal relationships and how they rely on one another in their habitat, get their hands messy learning about mixtures and properties of matter, and become amateur geologists to investigate changing landforms as part of our engaging, investigational science curriculum.