Grades TK-7 » 5th Grade

5th Grade

5th GradeBeing a fifth grader means being a more independent learner. It's an exciting year of changing classes and teachers as students grow towards becoming middle school students. Advisory time is a time to relax and exchange jokes and riddles or tackle fun brain teasers with teachers and peers.

Highlights of the Grade-Year

  • Outdoor education and off-campus learning is an exciting part of being in fifth grade. Field trips may include: Disneyland, Huntington Library and Gardens, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 
  • Fifth graders receive a locker assignment, a fun, new responsibility
  • Students can run for the office of vice president, secretary, or treasurer on Student Council
  • We look forward to meeting our Chapel Buddies and helping to lead the weekly Chapel service
  • After-school athletic teams are a highlight for many fifth grade students

Key Learning Objectives

English Language Arts

Students in fifth grade engage in more challenging literature as the prepare to enter middle school. They learn to compose reports on class required fiction and non-fiction texts. Students write persuasive essays with varying topics and continue to write informative and narrative pieces.


Fifth grade math works with all operations using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Units employ problem solving and algebraic thinking to build perseverance and endurance in math. We continue to use manipulatives and hands-on activities and introduce math journals for taking notes.


History is an exciting adventure starting with the units on Ancient America and continuing through Westward Expansion. Students learn the 50 states and regions, Native American tribes, early exploration, the English colonies, democratic ideas including the American Revolution, conduct an Oregon Trail simulation, and discuss current events.


Our science curriculum includes hands-on investigations, vocab-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to inspire students to think, read, write, and argue in the science and engineering world. Fifth graders learn about the sun, stars, and Earth's movement; matter, molecules, and mixtures; Earth's water system, and ecosystems.