Grades TK-7 » 3rd Grade

3rd Grade

3rd GradeIn 3rd grade class community is emphasized. Students feel proud learning and developing alongside their peers and nurtured in Ascension’s family-like environment. Third grade is fun and engaging because learning is differentiated with the unique gifts of each learner in mind. Learning in third grade is reinforced with technology and real life hands-on experiences.

Highlights of the Grade-Year

  • Third graders receive an Ascension Lutheran School assignment book which is an important step towards developing organization and self-management skills
  • Readers' Workshop book groups are an exciting time to work in a small team with peers to read, analyze, and report on a text together
  • In social studies 3rd-graders dive deep into learning about the native people of California including details about life and customs of the local Chumash tribe

Key Learning Objectives

English Language Arts

Students read and comprehend literature and by engaging with books at their reading level and using a variety of strategies including understanding the elements of the story mountain. Our third graders work towards being able to independently author interesting, well developed writing pieces in the genres of personal narrative, informative, and opinion/persuasive.


In math 3rd-graders review addition & subtraction properties and apply this knowledge to more complex problems. They master multiplication and division facts, continue to expand their knowledge of data and graphs, and dive deeper into measuring length, volume, mass, and telling time. Comparing fractions and calculating area and perimeter are introduced.

Social Studies

Social studies begins by looking at communities, regions, resources, and people. Students spend time learning about the past including California's first people and tribal traditions. Our year concludes with an understanding of the roles of local and national government and the value and pride of being a citizen.


Third grade science is a combination of hands-on explorations and critical analysis. Students tackle challenging investigations on the topics of forces and balance, genetic traits and environmental influences on organisms, and different weather and climate patterns.